If you've got a puppy, Pee Pads are very necessary

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If you are near a Publix try out their generic brand pads, they were always worked best for me, when I had a elderly Yorkie about 7 years ago. :dog: :yellow_circle: :ocean:


I misread the headline, and just want to say that Bee and Puppycat is a wonderful cartoon


We buy the Amazon Basics brand by the case.

Our cats are older but one of them occasionally pees someplace she shouldn’t, she’s good though, she pees in the same spot when she does so we keep a pad there all the time. She’s old and has a brain tumor so she gets a free pass.

Our old man cat uses the litter box but sometimes he gets in, turns around and pees everywhere but the box, he also gets a free pass so the box is surrounded with those pads.

You can also get pads that can be washed that would do the same thing you’re using the disposable pads for.

We keep my favorite and very expensive recliner lined with those because old man cat throws up a lot, those pads save us from pulling out the carpet machine.

Speaking of which, the Bissel spot cleaner is the best thing to have on hand if you have pets.


They’re pretty handy to have on hand after a night of heavy drinking too. Just gotta remember to put them on the bed before you pass out.


Easier than a late night catheter too!

“… just need to get that tube long enough to make it to the bathroom…”

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Don’t forget to rule out urinary tract infections at the vet. Unseen issues like this can lead to pet stains.


I’ve got Amazon basics as well. They work well when the buns have a tiff and decide to mark their territory. Put them on top of a towel, under a throw rug. After a couple weeks they’ve lost the scent and stick with their litter boxes. Sure better than non-stop steam cleaning.


I forgot, we also use them when we bunny sit. We line the floor of the rather large pen thing and then cover them with a big sheet. Easier to clean up after bunny goes home.

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cartoon hangover GIF by Bee and Puppycat

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It really is. :two_hearts:


Pee pads = Puppy training sabotage

Don’t do it.


The trick we have used for the last several dogs very successfully:

we have tied a small bell on the doorknob that goes down to ankle height.

Every time we would take the puppy out, we would first use it’s paw to smack the bell and then celebrate

After about 2 weeks or less, they picked up on doing that themselves whenever they want to go out

Annoying when watching a movie but way better than the cleanup


As the owner of an incontinent cat who gets chronic recurring UTIs (and wears absolutely adorable cloth pet diapers at night, including some with little skirts attached), I very much agree. And if you do suspect your pet has a UTI, sometimes bacteria won’t show up unless the vet does a sterile culture (cystocentesis) instead of a free catch urinalysis. Took us years to figure that out, and whenever we’ve had to see a new vet they still don’t believe us.

We still use pee pads, in her car seat and in her carrier, but those are as much for carsickness as for anything else. Very useful to keep around.

I also love these pet wipes for keeping our furry little ones clean. If you don’t like lavender they also have aloe, coconut oil, or tea tree options.

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Yeah, I have not yet read a use case for successfully training a pup. Old dogs, cat people, sure.

As for accident clean up, there are less plastic intensive solutions.


Bunnies are quick to litter box train, though that means getting them a litter box (I use a dollar store litter pan), some litter (I use untreated wood pellets) and some hay for them to munch on while they do their business. One important factor is to keep the litter box in essentially the same place so they have their own spot, and to clean it well, but not too well so they don’t lose the scent, but their bathroom isn’t so full they look for a different spot.


She has a litter box but she’s old and not healthy so she’s not always in the right place at the right time.

She’s was also a rescue.


That’s right! You mentioned her before; you even posted pictures of her in the pets thread. I’m so sorry I forgot.

She’s looks like an absolute sweetheart, too!

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