Owner of a French Bulldog couldn't figure out how his dog was escaping the kitchen, so he set up a camera



my dog was punished with crate time by his previous humans and has a melt down any time he’s ever been in one. No thanks, bruh.


Damn you! :rofl:


So true an kinda sad, lil buddy dont wana live in a playpen all day #parkTime


Maybe a little cat DNA happening there.


Guess what - it is possible to desensitize your dog, and you know what else, “bruh,” don’t fucking call me “bruh”


A few years ago we were visiting relatives with a house across the street from a working farm. The farm dogs did what they wanted. It took a while to recognize why this seemed so strange: dogs unattached to a human in any way, following their own agenda. We’re used to cats living their secret lives, but not dogs. Friends of mine had a schnauzer that would make the rounds of the suburban neighborhood, dropping in on her friends, human and otherwise. I guess she was street smart, lived long enough that she died like the human she thought she was: feeble, stroked out, and in a diaper.

FWIW, our family dog when I was growing up had the run of the house when we were off to school and work, and never got into mischief. I didn’t appreciate until much later how well my mom had trained her, she heeled and NEVER pulled at the leash even when I was 6 and she was young too.


Is this the topic where the world’s pet owners all tell each other they’re doing it wrong?

HERE I’LL GO NEXT: people who let their cats outside should be run over by motor vehicles


My dog was already crate trained when we rescued him. He was happy in there at night and when we left him alone. For the first few weeks. Until he realized “Hey, why does the cat get to roam around?”

He learned to nose open the locks on the crate door from the inside. So, we started reinforcing the locks with carabiners. Then a few days later we went out to dinner, and in those few hours he (then under 30 pounds, btw), gnawed through the metal bars enough to make a head-sized whole just shy of being big enough to fit his whole body through. He shredded the plastic mat on the bottom of the crate in the process. At that point our choices were to buy a steel reinforced crate and hope he didn’t kill himself trying to escape it, or give him the run of the apartment. We chose the latter, and he is happier and safer for it.

Please don’t assume all dogs have the same personalities or the same needs.

@smulder: I agree re: cats. But I’m going to be willfully naive this time and say we can have a discussion without vilifying each other.


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