Hacker School grants for women, people of color, other people under-represented in tech




Holy shit, why not just blow the troll whistle?


Do gingers qualify as under-represented? Cause plumbing makes me tired, and I think the skillset might carry over?

The internet is a series of tubes, right? I can totally do tubes.


Do poor (but white) people also count as underrepresented?


I wrote about Hacker Dojo’s successful effort to reach out to women in 2012.

Pretty sure Hacker Dojo and Hacker School are unaffiliated. Typo?


Indeed – fixing now! Thanks.


“…and people from many other groups traditionally underrepresented in programming.” This statement is racist, sexist, and many other ists. No one represents their group in programming. They are each individuals who chose and was able to enter programming. They do not represent any one else in their respective groups nor does everyone in their respective groups even know they are programming.


Do you have a substantive point or critique of what they are doing?

Or is your thrust really that they said “groups traditionally underrepresented” when they could have said “groups traditionally discriminated against?”


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