Hackers begin to release Ashely Madison users personal data

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And the nation says “whatever”, except one 42 year old metal loving masshole who is kinda freaking out right now.


37 million? Holy cr@p! Not that 37 million people are willing to have affairs, (I’ll bet that number is much bigger) but that 37 million people are specifically intending to have an affair AND think that giving personal information to some web-site is the way to do it…


Now that’s funny…

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I bet some portion are people curious to see who was there (ranging from just curious to “is my spouse there”). I do wonder how many used their real personal info. I do know someone who dumped their wife on Valentine’s 2014 - but not from Massachusetts.

How do you choose which 2 people from 37 million.


Only releasing two instead of hundreds (at least) makes me wonder if they aren’t bluffing and don’t really have all the user info they claim. I mean… kidnappers typically send an ear to prove their serious, not a freaking nail-clipping.


…and one woman with three kids who is currently taking recommendations for a good divorce attorney.

I wonder if this is being treated as a national security issue.

Consider the Office of Personnel Management data breach reported last month. The identities, financial information, personal details and more, for millions of American government employees with security clearances, plus their relatives. 21.5 million people total. Details on which of them are in financial difficulty. Even 1.1 million fingerprints, making secret agents no longer safe even if their names are changed

China (and whoever they trade the data to) now knows who they are, and the financial data narrows down who to target for recruitment.

Now leverage this with the AshleyMadison leak, 37 million registered users exposed. You can bet that the Chinese and others are cross-referencing the two datasets to see who has a security clearance AND is cheating on their spouse. Or who is married to someone with a security clearance, and is cheating or being cheated on. Sorted by financial difficulty information.

No doubt the AshleyMadison leak is giving a few foreign intelligence officers a Stimulating Personal Moment without even being a member.


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So they hacked AM because AM was misleading and not properly deleting customer data. And to punish the company they are now throwing some or all of the customers under the bus.

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Maybe? Not everyone considers cheating that big of a deal. Or considers it “cheating” at all.


CBS reported you had to pay extra to have your information scrubbed. I hope the cheating people did the same to their junk.

Dan Savage has an interesting take.



Well thank god they aren’t releasing nudes of celebrities, otherwise I’d be outraged.


Up next: Reports of a mysterious, buzzing noise, like a microscopic violin, are pouring in.


Well if they don’t consider it a big deal, it’s not cheating, by definition.

Point is, it was a joke - a continuation of the original joke by @lamaranagram Just pointing out that if there is one guy who cares, there’s probably someone else who cares too. But if I have to explain it, maybe it wasn’t funny.

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I know people that worked for the Ashley Madison Industrial Complex and their stories are terrifying. Remember they run a whole network of sketchy as hell sites, and Ashley is just one part of it.

Here’s a little taste, just for the BBS peeps, I’ve never shared this anywhere else:

I did technically work on an Ashley site, “Ashley Downlow” for men who have sex with other men in secret. I remember the marketing guy telling me “This is mainly oriented at ex-cons. Our studies have shown that a lot of men go to prison, have sex with men then develop a taste for it, so when they come out of jail they want a piece on a side."

That is one of the less hair-raising stories. This is not a company you want anywhere near you. Ever.


Sounds like the Xynga of dating.

Avid Life Media has been instructed to take Ashley Madison and Established Men offline permanently in all forms, or we will release all customer records, including profiles with all the customers’ secret sexual fantasies and matching credit card transactions, real names and addresses, and employee documents and emails. The other websites may stay online.

So because these hackers felt the pay-to-remove-data scenario in place on AM is wrong, they’ll ‘out’ the millions of people utilizing the private service? And to show they’re serious, they’ve released information on two of the users? That’s some ethical code you’ve got there, AM hackers.


If I understand correctly, this “hair-raising” anecdote, used to show the “sketchy as hell” nature of AM (and whatever else they own), is “hair-raising” because it involves EX-con males who want to have sex with other males?

Or, is marketing to now-released convicts (otherwise known in America as Americans, generally speaking) a bad thing?