Hacking, data-selling, or opportunism?

So, I had a weird phone call. A gentleman asked me if I wanted a website for my allotment business.

I denied having either an allotment or a business - the call ended swiftly.

Now, I do have an allotment, and for the last ten years I have paid my subs by cash. Yesterday, when the subs were due, I paid by bank transfer for the first time. I included my name and “allotment subs” in the transfer details. Today I received the above phone call.
They quoted my full name and somehow knew I had an allotment. WTF?
Who puts that two and two together, unless…

I can only imagine two scenarios:

  1. My account, and therefore my bank, has been hacked. I have checked my account - nothing untoward seems to have happened.

  2. The bank itself has sold on my details to a third party.

I am going to speak to the manager tomorrow.
Anyone else here experience similar weirdness and, if so, what did you do about it?


At least two out of three.

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