Hades becomes the first game to win a Hugo Award

This is so well deserved - the story in Hades in wonderful, inclusive, and filled with surprises. Especially impressive for a type of game that is usually very light on story because of the repeating, rouge-like structure of the gameplay!


Wasn’t it a big controversy when Neil Gaiman won a hugo for some of the Sandman?

I’m not much of a gamer, but if it’s a solid story, then it probably deserves the award… and given how complex many games are now, I think it was the right move to add the category.


Absolutely a well deserved win, but I always thought the Hugo only applies to initial publication for the past year. I could swear Hades came out in 2019? Maybe it was in “early access” for a long time…

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The official launch date of September 17th 2020 is the date they are going off of - you are correct though that it was in Early Access exclusively on the Epic Game Store since sometime in 2018.

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