Works eligible for science fiction awards


Ursula Vernon’s post is up at her blog.

Digger is still eligible for awards. With the new Omnibus Edition coming out in 2013 it can be nominated for an Eisner. She also wrote “Nine Goblins” in October, which can probably be nominated as a novella, and “The Sea-Witch Sets the Record Straight” was published on her blog in November.

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Thanks for hosting this here, Cory!

I’m Ramez Naam, and I have two eligible works in 2013. I’m also eligible for the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer.

My second novel, CRUX is eligible in the Best Novel category. Cory reviewed it here at BoingBoing.

My short story WATER is eligible in the Short Story category. (It was published in the same Institute for the Future collection, An Aura of Familarity, as Cory’s By His Things You Shall Know Him)

As this is my second year as a SF/F writer, I’m eligible for the Campbell Award, on the strength of the above short story, my second novel CRUX, and my first novel NEXUS, which NPR named a Best Book of 2013 and which Cory also reviewed here at BoingBoing.

This is great, Cory. Thanks! I’m Geoffrey W. Cole, a scifi writer living in Vancouver, Canada.

I have two short stories eligible for the Hugo, Nebula and the Aurora (the Canadian Hugos, eh):

Song of Mary” in Electric Velocipede’s final issue.

Lone White Seagull” in Kaleidotrope.

How do y’all stand with the SMOFs ??? Reason I ask, is that the voting for Hugos and the Campbell award is so convoluted and twisted, that for the most part, the fix is already in. . .

Thank you very much for the opportunity, Cory! My name’s Chris Randolph, and my novel Biotech Legacy: Long Fall, the sequel to 2010’s Stars Rain Down, was released in December of 2013. Both books carry Creative Commons licenses, and are also available on a pay what you want basis through my own store (using Gumroad).

Hi Cory, thanks for the opportunity! I’m Linda Nagata, and I’ve got four award-eligible publications from 2014. The first is a near-future novel, THE RED: FIRST LIGHT, reviewed at and Locus.

Also three short stories: “Through Your Eyes” (Asimov’s, April/May 2013), “Out In The Dark” (Analog, June 2013), and “Halfway Home” (Nightmare Magazine, September 2013). Details and links are on my blog:

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Thanks. I had Supercenter published in 2013.

Thanks for this opportunity! Here’s my eligible work from 2013:

“The Wreck of the Mars Adventure” (novelette) in Old Mars, anthology edited by Gardner Dozois and George R. R. Martin, October 2013

“Artist’s Retrospective” (short story) in Daily Science Fiction, website edited by Jonathan Laden and Michele Barasso, September 2013 (read it here:

“Wavefronts of History and Memory” (short story) in Analog, magazine edited by Trevor Quachri, June 2013

“Letter to the Editor” (short story) in The Mad Scientist’s Guide to World Domination, anthology edited by John Joseph Adams, February 2013

“Letter to the Editor” is also available as a 15-minute video, which is eligible for Best Dramatic Presentation:

– David D. Levine

I’ve got a short story published in the first issue of Antoine Wilson & G.M. Quinte’s Crony Magazine. I previously won a SOLAS Gold Award for funniest travel story.

The Limits of Attraction:

Thanks for opportunity to share. And checking out Crony is a good idea, too! Hopefully it’ll find it’s audience and thrive.

If you are open to high fantasy, “The Silent Dragon, Children of the Dragon Nimbus #1” by Irene Radford came out from DAW Books last February.

Thanks for this, Cory!

I’m William Hertling, and I have one new work in 2013: The Last Firewall is a near-future scifi novel eligible in the Best Novel category.

– William Hertling

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My novel, [Hungry Ghost][1], was released in April of this year. It’s a New Adult, lesbian, urban fantasy eligible in the Best Novel category.


For those of you who might be nominating work for the Nebula and Hugo Awards, here are my own offerings:
The Children of Kings (with Marion Zimmer Bradley), DAW, 3/13
Collaborators (as Deborah Wheeler), Dragon Moon Press, 5/13
The Seven-Petaled Shield, DAW, 6/13
Shannivar, DAW, 12/13
“Among Friends” (Quakers, the Underground Railroad, and a slave-catching automaton), F & SF (3-4/13)
Short story:
“The Hero of Abarxia”, When The Hero Comes Home 2, ed. G. Harbowy, Dragon Moon Press
“Pearl of Tears,” Sword & Sorceress 28, ed. E. Waters, MZB Literary Works Trust

I really appreciate that you’ve created this opportunity. I have three eligible short stories this year, with links to find two of them.

  • Die for You” in Daily Science Fiction

  • Sweet Home” in Penumbra

  • “Wasted Youth” in the Kazka Press

Thanks again.

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