A fantastic short read: Siobhan Carroll's 'For He Can Creep'

Originally published at: A fantastic short read: Siobhan Carroll's 'For He Can Creep' | Boing Boing

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This was one of my favorite stories of 2019, and one I nominated for every award it was eligible for. Won the Eugie, and was a Nebula and Hugo finalist. Truly a wonderful, fun, and very clever story. It was a bit of inspiration for a story I recently sold, too.

You can save yourself the $1.99 kindle fee, too: For He Can Creep | Tor.com


Still remember reading it the first time a few years back and loving it to an absolutely gigantic degree. Absolutely deserved every award and nominations – one of my favorite short fantasy tales ever.


Thanks for the pointer, just the chaser I needed, given recent events. Here’s a link to the poem it’s citing:My cat, Jeoffry - Poetry Archive . Reminds me a bit of Gaiman’s (much darker) “The Price”.


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