2019 Hugo Award finalists announced

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Such to read! A shout out for Yoon Ha Lee’s Machineries of Empire. It’s gender-bendy space opera (which is fun to read alongside Ann Leckie’s Imperial Radch series), but… imagine space opera based on… I don’t know… the court of Titatia and Oberon projected tens of thousands of years into the future: faerie space opera.

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Still one or two names I sorta recognize. Guess I still haven’t gafiated long enough.

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I feel like everything in the Best Related Work category needs to win.

No Amazon referral links? Come on man, help me to help you!

I am very happy that Janelle Monae is nominated for a Hugo Award.


Big up to Sarah Pinsker for the short story nod! Her first book, a collection of (already prize-winning) short stories, was just published and I highly recommend it. I still need to finish it, but the story in it I’ve read, Wind Will Rove, is probably one of my favorite science fiction stories. Incredible. Glad to see a college friend and all-around awesome and charming person find her success as a writer – hers is bound to be a long and, ha, storied career!

Best Novel nominees: five women and a trans man.

Ahhhhh, don’t you love the sound of Puppies’ heads asploding in the spring time?


I only recognize one name from this entire list. “Ursula K. Le Guin”. I guess I read to much military/zombies related speculative fiction.

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