2017 Hugo nominees announced


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I loved The Stone Sky, a great end to the trilogy. I want it to win and get an unprecedented three year sweep, but I’ll admit I haven’t read the other nominees. :confused:


The Stone Sky winning would be a great capstone to one of the few truly original works of fantasy in the last few decades. The series was brilliant.

I have read The Collapsing Empire and while it is excellent classic Scalzi I didn’t find anything that special about it. Pretty standard, if very well written, space opera. The others I’m adding to my audible account now. I’m very hopeful for Ann Leckie’s “Provenance”. Her Ancillary series was brilliant.


I’m really stoked that The Deep was nominated for an award. the track is so sick. for background, check out Drexciya.


Mur Lafferty was nominated in three categories this year, individually and as part of two teams. I first learned about her here on Boing Boing.


Ctrl+F “Chuck Tingle” = zero results

I don’t know if I can support the Hugo’s this year if they are not going to help prove that love is real for all buckaroo’s


Nice to see Ursula Vernon nominated! As well as Saga and Zoe Quinn!

I would have no idea how to vote in the wacky “Best Dramatic Presentation – Short Form” category. Black Mirror, Dr Who, and Star Trek versus a song by clipping.?


I found Provenance a bit too much of a slow burn to fully recommend it - and I liked the previous trilogy. The Stone Sky is (IMO) the best of this bunch.

Saga vs Monstress should be a real battle - both are equally worth people’s time.


Mad props to a college buddy of mine who has two nominations, both for novella and novelette, Sarah Pinsker! I read her novelette Wind Will Rove yesterday and this morning, and it’s exceptional — beautiful and moving. It’s available online here:



Are we done with the various Sad Puppies and Irate Doggies and such?


First one I looked for.


God, I hope Mur gets it. She has written so many good things and this is her finest work. Also the 1943 list is positively incredible. It’s a murderers’ row of amazingly good stuff.


At the first glance, it looks like we’re done with them, yes.


I don’t see Chuck Tingle


Yeah, it’s not the same without him. After that, everything else seems pretty meh.


Provenance was really good I thought. I absolutely love Yoon Ha Lee’s books as well. As there’s no more Iain Banks, I’m glad there’s stuff like Ninefox Gambit and Raven Stratagem to fill the void. I am agog for the next one.


The greatest techno tune of all time. OF ALL TIME.


I just re-read Six Wakes and I love it but I find myself a little unsatisfied by the ending. I’d like to revisit the Dormire 300 years later.


That’s the upside. The downside is they’ve gone mainstream.


Yep, Jemisin’s Broken Earth trilogy has been exceptional. Haven’t been able to get into Anne Leckie…just find her writing too boring. Scalzi also meh. No more Iain Banks, there’s not much to get excited about right now it seems.