Halliburton pleads guilty to destroying evidence after Deepwater Horizon disaster




Are any executives going to jail?

Will Halliburton be prevented from dealings with the government for its long record of corruption, shoddy work, and dishonesty?

Yeah, right.


I tried to do the math, but all I could come up with was imaginary numbers. I guess that’s how you tabulate ‘hope’.


Halliburton is a corrupt entity run by war criminals. I guess we’ll have to vote out the corrupt war criminals that run our government before anyone at Halliburton sees justice.


Well, I hope Mr. Halliburton thinks deeply about his crime while he’s sitting in jail.


Boy, they sure will be raked over the coals for this one! Yes sir! You just wait! Justice is coming!


Corporate person-hood only goes so far, I guess. Perhaps these corporations would be less willing to violate laws and cause mass havoc if the government did have something similar to jail time: no business operations for 12 months with offices and facilities fenced and shutdown, and all assets confiscated for the time period.


You misread: Mr Halliburton is probably going to get probation, so he’ll have to think about it while sitting in his probation officer’s office. However that works.


Destroying evidence”?

I think you mean “protecting shareholder value


If corporations are people too (my friend) then I don’t see why only executives should go to jail. If a corporation pleads guilty to a crime, the corporation should go to jail; it should not be allowed to do business, enter contracts or continue operations in any way. Put the executives in actual prison and suspend the corporation from doing business for an appropriate amount of time. Or at the very least put it in receivership. Until there are serious penalties for corporations committing crimes, no corporation will give a shit about committing crimes.


I quite agree. In fact, I remember suggesting a Corporate Death Penalty maybe 28 years ago, to friends in the campus SF club. I don’t remember what corporate malfeasance of the day led me to suggest it.

The resident strident libertarian was deeply offended by the idea . . . once I explained it. He thought I’d meant privatizing capital punishment, which he approved of.

So, yes. Bust the thing up. Sell off the assets. Reassign the contacts to companies that agree to sign an ethics agreement. Shareholders? Sorry, you DID vote in that board. Remember the proxy statement?

So happy! BBS thrives!

Hey, it was just boys being boys. What’s the big deal?


Geez! Y’all are just wrong. But you’re too busy bashing ‘big oil’ to actually learn about or know what happened. It’s pathetic really.

First off, Halliburton weren’t the ones responsible for the failure or the ensuing disaster. And they didn’t fiendishly destroy evidence to avoid criminal prosecution, knowing that they’d done something wrong and needing to cover their tracks.

They had merely deleted a couple of test case results from a scenario they’d ran using some of their software. But when the prosecutors learned they’d deleted anything associated with that failed well, they saw the opportunity to hold them partially accountable and charged them. Halliburton saw the handwriting on the wall and opted to avoid a long and expensive court case and went ahead and just admitted guilt and paid the fine.

Hell, if you read the article instead of just the headline you can see what I’ve just said is far closer to reality than your rants.


We couldn’t vote out Dick Cheney. He left office after he and W served their 2 allowable terms.


Interesting first post. Did you just sign up here to be an apologist for Halliburton?


I was speaking in the present tense. The current war criminals & war profiteers. Cheney should just be put on trial for war crimes (along with his cohorts like Bush, Rumsfeld, etc.).


Well, when the fine is a whopping $200k, I doubt they’ll be losing much sleep.

@stefanjones re: shareholders losing their shirt: Absolutely.


With you there. Halliburton have never done anything ever that anyone could possibly tenously link to anything other than the best possible intentions and wishes for all of humanity.

In fact, I hear they maintain a unicorn sanctuary. And deliver free breakfast to every single orphan in Africa. And levitate. And manage to pray to god and be god at the same time - now that’s tough, but they manage.

Nothing they’ve ever done would ever draw any suspicion from any quarter whatsoever, except maybe from the deepest most infirm cynics on the planet who are just looking for a target to paint.

So we can trust you on this one.


Echo - congratulations on your first post!


Umm, in all of your hysterics you have totally forgotten about the rainbows shooting from their asses…