Not even the scapegoats will go to jail for BP's murder of the Gulf Coast


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USA, sit back and enjoy the butt fucking Big Oil is giving you! Look at it this way, in 100 years we might be able to eat shrimp/shell fish/whatever from the Gulf without getting cancer.


Isn’t it a good thing that these saps aren’t bearing the brunt of punishment that rightfully ought to fall on the shoulders of their superiors, the bad thing being that said superiors are getting off scot-free?


Can someone remind me what BP did that was criminal? Did someone knowingly install faulty parts or something? I honestly don’t remember the details of why or how Deep Horizon dumped all that oil.


Delays of the drilling, every day of the platform operation costs about half million dollars (or so, I don’t remember the specifics) so already way beyond budget. The geology along the hole downright sucked. The cement they had for the cement job was nitrogen-foamed, to address the unstable geology. They got centering rings so the inner tube would be in the middle of the outer one for the cement job, instead of excentric; there should be more of them but installing would cost time and that would cost money and it could go without them. The company rep was breathing down the engineers’ necks to finish the operation fast and pack the rig and go home and not pay the $half-mil a day anymore. The BOP had dead batteries in one circuit and some other issue in the other one. Quite a cursed project it was; not just One Convenient Issue that could be easily blamed.

Also, time for some Johnny Cash.

Macondo was a drill
That became a big spill
The drilling string went loose
The BOP was of no use.

We were dumped from the oil rig on fire
To the sea we jumped as the flames went higher
Now it burns, burns, burns,
The rig’s on fire
The rig’s on fire

The BP cut the cost
And now the rig is lost
'Cause the cement job was weak
Now there is a major leak.

We were dumped from the oil rig on fire
To the sea we jumped as the flames went higher
Now it burns, burns, burns,
The rig’s on fire
The rig’s on fire


That doesn’t sound particularly criminal. The result is truly awful and they were clearly liable, but unless someone showed a for human life and acted in a way that was grossly negligent, we generally don’t imprison them for this kind of thing.

That said, it does sound like people were destroying evidence and obstructing investigations and those are perfectly valid reasons to imprison someone.


If corporations are people, can’t BP as a collective be jailed?


Have a read here on the other proud BP moment that killed a similar number of people under similar money saving business approach. We don’t sufficiently know the details of Deep Horizon to understand culpability but the Texas City disaster is now well understood and was the responsibility of the same company.

One such incident in a decade is an accident two reek of serious neglect of BP’s duty of care.


We have laws that are supposed to help us protect each other from psychopathic individuals.

Unfortunately, psychopathy has found its perfect host in the modern corporation. The only thing to worry about is money. Taking lives costs money (at most), and can be budgeted for. The money comes from the corporate whole, and no individual cell suffers (at least not at executive level or higher)


Every single one of these corporate robots that kill people and destroy the environment so not even our great grandchildren will be safe from their poisons have names and addresses. No government on the planet truly wants to risk losing their corporate sponsorship, so they will not ever provide appropriate or adequate consequences for the crimes against humanity their cronies commit. That leaves it up to the rest of us. Until they have a reason to fear the consequences of their wrongdoing, they will continue to play fast and loose with the lives of everyone and anyone on the planet. It’s time for a civil spanking, at the very least. 40 lashes for every corporate head responsible at the time of the accident, broadcast live around the world. If the law won’t do it, to save our children’s future, we must become the law and move at the speed of necessity, not bureaucracy. This is not vigilantism, it’s survival.


Yeah, we don’t generally imprison anyone for profit-motivated negligence.

But that’s kind of a problem, don’t ya think?


No, not cool. While they deserve the lashings, we as society don’t deserve your terrorism.
You sound like a repugnican presidential hopeful talking about abortion providers.
Avoid that.


Are you kidding? Our jails are for those oh so dangerous young black men with pot! We can’t be putting those poor, rich white folks in there with them! /s


At what point do we start fighting back. If there is a war, it’s on us and it has been for a long time. What do we do when the politicians have all be bought and paid for, and there are no alternatives? At what point does the use of political violence become acceptable mode of defense? Never?

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