Hamster gets cozy with a carrot


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Hamster with carrot. Thought this might be a last minute Thanksgiving appetizer recipe. Guess not.


Guess not.

My cat disagrees.


“Hamster gets cozy with a carrot”

Next transmission at 2400!


Better than eating her babies. (not a video link fucks sakes what kind of monster do you take me for)


Now I’m hungry for carrots…or cuy, either one.


I’m happy to see the hamster really eating the carrot. A hamster I once had–named, appropriately, Houdini–would stuff peanuts in his face until I thought his cheeks were going to explode.


Ah, gluttony, the true meaning of Thanksgiving! Bring on the meal that weighs as much as I do!


A friend of mine had two hamsters. Hamster A would bogart as much food as possible, stuffing his cheeks pouches full. This angered hamster B. Eventually he was angered enough that he killed hamster A, bit through the cheek pouches, and ate the food…


.gif BANK for the BBS

You can tell it’s content by how slow it’s eating. Not the usual frantic hamster nibbing.


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