Just a tiny hamster lovingly grooming their human

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In the future, Hamsters will rule the Universe.


Holy heck did I need this today.

Thank you!


Did they cut the bit where the blood starts gushing out of the finger? (Because that’s my experience with hamsters.)


Mine too - I’ve had friends swear their hamster is just the most friendly, loving and gentle creature in the world, and the moment I enter the room, it’s like:

Hamsters just want to murder.

“Hmm. This carrot’s a bit tough to get into…”

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So glad “Jaime the Hamster” did not make an appearance in The Boys Season 1

Lets just say his backstory is NSFW

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wow. this hissing and growling, what a badass! a real ARBBH. when this little russian radioactive motherfucker comes to NYC…

I have a feeling that if that happened, hamsters wouldn’t be aware of it. :slight_smile:

You have to watch out for them. Hamsters are surprisingly strong little bastards. Here’s a big story about a little ‘guy’: When we were kids, my brother and I kept one in our shared bedroom, in a glass/metal enclosure. The entire ‘roof’ of the enclosure was a metal flip-top type. On day the hamster got out. How? We eventually found it, popped it back in, and it immediately proceeded to scale the enclosure walls using the toys and exercise do-dads contained in there. That’s when we watched it nudge the flip-top open and squeeze through… and burdened with the weight of the flip-top on it! We were like “damn!” So we piled several volumes from our encyclopedia set on top of the enclosure. The hamster went at it again – managed to rattle the books a bit (!!!) – but then immediately gave up. A few days later the hamster got OUT! again. We noticed the books were slid back from their original position but still pretty much in place. All that weight didn’t stop it. We were ready to give up in that latest search when it literally dropped from the sky. The enclosure was near a curtained window which I was standing next to when it finally appeared. Apparently, after its escape, the hamster had – for some bizarre reason – climbed up the curtains. When it came down, it came down hard on the window sill, but it seemed to be okay. That’s when our mom told us we had “do something about that animal”. A 25lb weight plate did the trick. We kept it until it passed away, but the weird episode finally provided us with a name for the little dude. Hercules.


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