Han Solo in Carbonite mini-fridge

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If it comes stocked with Romulan Ale, I’m all in.

Oh, wait. I think I got that wrong…


I tried looking up Piezoelectric refrigeration with no avail. I did find THIS however: thermoelectric cooling which utilizes the Peltier effect. Disclaimer: it’s not what makes this fridge cool which makes it cool, however.

Finally someone got the color correct.

“Han in Carbonite” stuff is usually black. But this is close enough to the correct silvery color.

I’m still not dropping $150 on a mini fridge, though.

Piezoelectric? So it vibrates? Or makes static electricity when you sit on it?

What does it use to move heat around?

They mean Peltier. There’s still a ceramic involved, it just works as a solid-state heat pump rather than an actuator or oscillator.

Oh, that’s boring. With its SciFi theme imagery, it should at least be magnetocaloric.

Who need a fridge that small ?


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Today you win the award of “best answer to a dumb question”.
Thanks !

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