Hand-colored footage from The Addams Family


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I’m both glad and a little disappointed that they didn’t use the room’s actual colour scheme.


Back in the 80’s, Ted Turner got pilloried for digitally colorizing the films in the movie archive he bought. I wonder if people would react the same way now.


I recall they were also done horribly. I think it would be interesting to offer this as a setting when you are watching a movie and be able to switch back and forth.


The most egregious example being when they colorized the opening and closing scenes from “The Wizard of Oz.” You know, the bits that were filmed that way ON PURPOSE for artistic effect.


No, no, no, no, no. This does NOT add anything to the Addams Family experience. It was a B&W world, just like the classic monster movies.


For the curious, this is from episode 13 of season 1.


It ranks right up there with my dream of a squelch button to silence the inane color commentary of sports announcers. I think televised sports would be much better with just ambient noise and the sound of the participants.


I see what you did there.

I hate to see anything colorized like this. AF was shot and lit for B&W, and frankly, is far more spooky/kooky/ooky that way, IMNSHO.


If someone was seriously proposing that the show be remastered in color I’d be concerned, but as one person’s technical exercise this is impressive.


Addams Family Values?



Not to mention the original Chas Addams cartoons were black and white – ink and ink washes? – and that’s how I prefer to think of them.


As a kid, I once got to meet Charles Addams. I remember him being as gracious as he was quirky. I suspect he’d fit right in on BB. Since most of his drawings were in B&W, I think that’s mainly the way he saw the Addams Family’s world, not so much in keeping with old monster movies, but because he had this very dry sense of humor I think as a way of facing an otherwise depressing world. Basically I think he was goth before goth was cool, then uncool, then cool again, then ironic…


Some people pilloried him but I’ll never forget Robin Williams’s take: “If Woody Allen’s dreams are in black and white does Ted Turner buy them and color them in?”


No fan of colorization. But I think this was outstandingly well done.


Urch. I hate hate hate hate hate colourisation.

  1. Information is being added that was not present. The resulting image is a less accurate representation of whatever is being photographed
  2. The original image is optimised for black and white. Your attempts at photoshop make it look worse
  3. Grow up. You’re not improving something because you like things to be in colour.

Colourisers, you’re in the same company as Ted Turner.


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