Hand crank your own freshly milled whole grains


(sniff)(sniff) I smell a hipster. :wink:

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Where’s the video?

That price!

It’s quite pretty, but my STARS, that price!


I could spend that much on muesli in a couple of months!

$178 for a freakin’ grain mill? Buy yourself a Corona mill for $25. Christ, I hope someday to be in a position in life where a $200 purchase can be an “impulse buy!”

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Your whole grains getting “bitter” if they sit around too long is the sweet, sweet flavor of them going rancid. Whole grains and whole meal flours still contain the germ. The germ contains fat. And fat goes rancid. Air tight container in the fridge or freezer and they should last pretty much indefinitely. If that’s a no go then just find the coolest, darkest, driest place you can. Like a cellar.

Also $178 does seem pretty exorbitant for something that exclusively produces rolled grains.

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And clamp it to a table like some sort of barbarian? The corona mills don’t even come with a glass – what are we supposed to do? catch the grains in our hands?


Great goggly-moogly, $178 for a hand grain mill ?! Someone’s getting ripped off…

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I bought a Mr.Coffee grinder for $29. Done and done.

No, just no.

This baby costs $399, can grind grain continuously, has actual stone milling wheels (as mills are supposed to) and is motorised. Obviously not many people have the need to mill that much stuff, but the reason stone mills are used instead of metal (in the case of the coffee grinder suggestion) is that if you blend/grind dry material for very long it heats up to the point of burning/smoking which will destroy its nutrients and make it taste shit.

Yeah so an uni-tasker that only does rolled grains? Maybe I’m cheap but $178 is a lot for porridge. I like the idea of a hand crank tool for this job so if it were able to grind grain into, say, flour it might be a bit more useful.

for 11 dollar more you can get this:

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Or you could get a Malt Mill. :grin: :runner:

Veterans of the rec.brewing Grain Mill Wars are welcome to join me in the fall-out shelter.


A couple of points about the FlicFloc. Admittedly, it’s expensive. But I had a $25 Corona type grain cracker for years and got tired of fiddling with it every time I used it. The screws would loosen, and the hopper never fit. It was difficult to get consistent results.

Also, there’s some confusion in the comments here between mills and grain flakers. Mills (I have a Komo Fidibus) make flour. You can make a course meal with a mill, but you can’t make flaked oats. And you can use the FlicFloc to flake other kinds of grain. I use both for bread making, by the way: the mill to make the flour and the FlicFloc to roll oats to put on top of the dough. Komo makes a unit that contains both a flaker and a mill.

And I wish I could describe myself as a hipster. I just asked my wife and she said, “no, you’re an old geek.” A grain geek, I suppose.


The author lost me at Grape Nuts.

Where’s the video?

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