Hand-painted keycaps

My first effort at hand-painting keycaps. I got a basic boring blank set with a Planck keyboard and thought I would spruce them up. A dirty ombre effect from burgundy to cerise with rose lettering.

I don’t fancy its chances under use, but a few layers of gloss polyurethane might be the ticket


I’ve had ok luck with Montana spray paint- seems to hold up ok in the short term, but hard to know.
I used old-school dry transfer letters for the legends.
I’d love to see them on your board.

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Krylon 1311 does well for a clear coat on my minis including the metal ones which don’t take dings as well as the plastic does. Though they don’t take quite the amount of fingerpoken keyboards do.

[quote=“TobinL, post:3, topic:87166”]
Krylon 1311.[/quote]
This is one of the products commonly suggested for restoring the matte finish to ThinkPad keyboards when they get worn and shiny.

In Rob’s case he might do better with a genuine (nitrocellulose) laquer, like Deft in satin. It dries completely in hal an hour, so you can lay down a lot of coats in an afternoon.


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