Colorful keyboard how-to


Their “ombre” (aka ‘gradient’ to non-hipster fashionistas) keyboard is more awesome than the colourful one imo:

Also, while the hand-lettered keys have their own kind of charm, I’d probably use the letters available here:


I’d be very careful, as paint, plastic, and stuff you touch a lot with your fingers does not mesh well in my experience.

Even the plastic gets worn down on my keys, and paint-y gummy fingers would be unpleasant.

Might want to look into some vinyl dyes for the keys, or just paint the keyboard frame which gets touched much less than the keys. Some other alternatives here:

If it is a keyboard you plan to use heavily, painting the keys is … risky. I’d start with the frame first.


One of the companies that already makes colorful keyboards should add this sort of thing to their products. Randomize the keys they’re already producing to make the many colored version. Add a variety of tints for the gradient keyboards. I’d spend a little extra for a nice gradient keyboard but I type way too much to have an impractical gummy keyboard.

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WASD offers colored keycaps:

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Damn you! Another object of desire. AND THEY SELL AN ANY KEY

Even the plastic gets worn down on my keys

Coming from a guy whose handle is “codinghorror” I expect no less :wink:


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