I love this cheap, mechanical gaming keyboard... and it lights up too!

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I have one of these Chinese keyboards with the Cherry-like switches. It’s a TKL and says “super-scholar” on the bottom. I love it. I don’t like the way it slowly modulates through the rainbow, but I was too cheap to spring for single-color key lighting. That cost a whole $4 more. This thing reminds me of the keyboards I first used, on an IBM selectric and a Mac 512. It is so pleasantly noisy. I feel like I’m getting something done, even when I’m avoiding work by typing a comment like this one. Clacky clackety clack. So nice…


Because the actuation point is below the click reset point, people tend to like the cherry red switches (linear, non-tactile) for gaming. But I like them all over membrane mush keyboards.
Cherry red: gamers
Cherry brown: typists
Cherry blue: people who like to annoy their desk neighbors

*Typed on a cherry brown clone

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I’m on my third one, and they just keep breaking. They last a couple of months max and then a key will stop working. I gave up on them.

I went the opposite direction and got the model in the OP, but with no lighting at all. Saved money and I think I made the superior choice. It’s a quality keyboard.

I got a cheap deal on a lighty-up keyboard because the price was good and the tactile response was well-regarded. I wasn’t too sold on the fancy glowy keyboard until I found you could set it so the lights rippled out from the keys you pressed like water from a stone dropped into a pool.

So cool, so pointless.

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