Review: Oree wooden keyboard and trackpad

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If I am going to pay over $150 for a keyboard, I see absolutely no sane reason why it should use crappy laptop switches instead of durable mechanical switches. This keyboard is yet another fake luxury item that goes for flashy surface shiny with the same old shitty junk inside, and should be avoided even by those with money to burn.


@beschizza I’m curious if you have any recommendations for wooden keyboards. Like a top 3? I’ve only recently begun considering a dedicated keyboard, and it seems like you’ve got some expertise in the area.

Wood keycaps are probably the only way to get a really great keyboard in wood.

I hope you hate money!

Avoid the $40 Amazon/ebay junk.


Well, I do hate money. Thanks for the rec. Off to sell some plasma now.


I thought I saw this many moons ago with the thin sans serif font on the keyboard as well? That awful serif font is enough for me to mash down the ‘nope’ button (stupid plastic button).

Anyone interested in an iPencil charging station made from a block of exotic wood? That’s what I am working on. We’ll sell a hundred of em! A hundred! maybe…

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