Logitech brings low-profile mechanical keyboards to the masses

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Yes. I want beige ones.

Actually, it appears they are MX keycaps compatible. At least the mechanical ones, according to Forbes.

I thought mechanical keyboards were overall spendy, but a quick search just now revealed even sub-$50 100% boards. (with backlight :roll_eyes:)


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This one?

Wirecutter says that the keys aren’t as durable. What that means, I’m not exactly sure.

I’m probably well past needing to upgrade my DSI keyboard. Most annoying thing is the arrow keys don’t repeat when held down, without throwing off the repeat rate for the other keys-- which is annoying at the best of times, and a real pain when typing in passwords.

I feel like if you’re nna spend that much on a keyboard you want something more recherché, with spherical keycaps salvaged from a Soviet missile control console, rather than something that says “Logitech”. But who knows?

Not that their products aren’t good. I do enjoy my MX Master and am tempted by the new version. But when I had to replace my previous imported Elecom Scope Node art mouse, I really resisted buying a Logitech model that anyone could just buy at Target.

Can it be cleaned in the dishwasher?


I never considered that “reassuring” was a feature I would want in a keyboard.

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Judging by this game, writers need all the reassurance they can get.



The clickety version doesn’t sound authentic to my ears, at least based on their site’s sound sample.

At my first employer, we had a rather colorful mechanical engineer Leonard Sacco who one day decided to share with one and all his annoyance with how loudly our department manager typed. He yelled out, “Chicky shlick! Chicky shlick all day long!” Obviously, he was describing the sound of the keyboard, and his cubicle was immediately adjacent to our manager’s office. What made it especially funny was that Sacco was born and raised in Malta and had retained his accent, so when he yelled…

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