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Oh sure I finally got myself a code keyboard with mx clear switches and this comes along year later.
If I can get one with proper fkeys I may give one a try.


Nice. It checks all of my buttons except that it’s like essentially every other keyboard since splits went out of fashion: too narrow for people with wide shoulders, who have to make up the geometry by angling their wrists. Which the docs will tell you is Not Good For Your Carpal Tunnel.


It works with USB-C, BlueTooth or the included unifying receiver.
I use it instead of BlueTooth

Bluetooth is not and AFAIK has never been camel case.


I have a closet full of Microsoft natural keyboards because I’m deathly afraid they’ll stop making them.


This just looks like it’s horribly designed from a ergo standpoint. not only is it flat and virtually zero travel, it’s also got that whole no bezel thing going on so the edge of the keyboard is going to cut into your wrists.

Give me a medium-travel, thick keyboard with a wrist rest any day. Yeah, it looks ugly. But wrist scars look ugly too. Give me a split keyboard, because my health is more important than desk space.

I mean, seriously, I’m hands on keys for 9 hours a day or more. This gives me wrist aches just looking at it.

(I’m a Microsoft Natural Keyboard kind of person. I type through them about every 4 years. I type through the keycap paint in about 12 months, but who cares; I know where the keys are.)


Logitech quit making theirs years ago and I snatched up all I could but their controllers were short-lived.
The Microsoft ones, alas, are too deep front-to-back to fit on any keyboard trays that I have found (and you know things are desperate when I’m looking at spending an extra $150 or more just to fit a stupid keyboard)

I figure that there’s a pretty good chance that I’ll live long enough for practical custom keyboards to evolve in maker space.


Tarred ships-hull timber may not be best surface on which to show this keyboard.

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Those are pretty big minuses in my book. And I’m not a fan of wireless keyboards.


They quit making the one with full sized keys and it made me sad.

You can type on any width keyboard which will accommodate your fingers. Your wrists should always be straight like you are typing on a split keyboard. Curl your fingers progressively to keep them on the home row and don’t bend your wrists when reaching for keys off the home row.


For those who say:

“I’d like some useless keys, just not the standard ones.”


It turns out I prefer the current Apple full-size keyboard to the previous version, because of the shorter key travel (and blackness).

If you normally use a mechanical keyboard, then any laptop keyboard is going to be a bit jarring; but if you’re already typing with minimal Z movement, it may as well be truly minimal. As long as the force/displacement curve is good, you can get plenty of feedback from keys that move less than 1mm.

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The buttons above the number pad seem to include scroll lock and print screen.

Print screen may also be accessible via Fn+Windows+S or Fn+Windows+Space.

Fn-lock should be Fn+Esc.

Seems like a pretty good keyboard!


It does have scroll lock and print screen. They’re above the numpad.


I will still live and die by my Razer products.

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Any keyboard with a Fn Lock key is a big F No for me.


I love my Mx Keys; it’s the first keyboard I’ve purchased in probably 20 years. For the most part I used laptops at home and whatever my workplace rolled (currently Dell minimalist but I had an Apple for a while and hated the keyboard).

The weight is lovely; it doesn’t move when I hammer out a good rant. The keys have the best feel I’ve tried for such a compact footprint. It tucks away easily.

I turn off the backlight and get at least a month on a charge. I usually charge before it lights up, so it’d probably go longer. I’ve been using the hell out of this thing since COVID for home and work, and it pleases me. :slight_smile:

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Perhaps I’m dense, but I can’t find an explanation here of why you moved away from mechanical keys.

I’m typing this on a CODE keyboard. It’s the best board I’ve ever owned. You can pry it from my cold dead hands.


This lured you away from mechanical keyboards? Could you be more specific about what mechanical keyboards you were using.