Going back to a mechanical keyboard turned me into a butterfingered idiot


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I dove into the deep, deep otaku of mechanical keyboards a couple years ago for a couple weeks. Ended up getting the ultraflat apple bluetooth keyboard instead. Feeling pretty good about that right now.


Missing a lot more than just a numpad. Where’s the F-row?


fn + numbers (and it’s never been an issue for me, despite everything else)


The Plank bothers me on a lot of levels, not least of which is ‘how do you type numbers and the F keys?’


A keyboard without arrows is an abomination.

And this is the best keyboard evar.


I love my mechanical keys. I should probably work toward 100 WPM but mid 70s has done alright by me (still the fastest typist in the office). The Windows keyboard shortcuts are infuriating once you’ve gotten used to Mac.

I constantly switch between Mac and Windows but it took awhile to get the hang of switching when I added Mac to the mix.

I don’t know that mechanical switches are the magic they’re sold as but they’re a heck of a lot better than the standard on Windows PCs. Which may be why I don’t bother on my Mac. :laughing:


Ugh thats the ‘elite’ which I really hated to the previous version. I really hate those arrow keys and the vertical insert/home/etc layout. the tiny fkeys can fuck off as well.
I would love one of the previous model at least for the work desk where I have room.
Like so


I love my mechanical keyboard. If I don’t hear a click I think I missed something.

That and my mom was a professional typist.


(thanks @codinghorror, great work on these)


I love mechanical keyboards. It’s not about speed or accuracy, but just the simple pleasure of the thing. Satisfying in a way non-mechanical keyboards aren’t.

@japhroaig, I had one of those in college which also had a touchpad on it. I had a spare computer hooked up a monitor behind my bed on top bunk. Fantastic to roll over and do some surfing or messaging, the angle was great for when lying on your stomach typing.


The arrow keys on that version can be operated with three fingers, on the one I posted it takes three fingers and your thumb. Absolutely more awkward, but I managed.

But more on point, how the hell would you do any serious work in vim through SSH without arrow keys?


My long fingers fumbling around the compressed keyboards are one of the reasons I like 17" screen laptops.
Better and adjustable cubicle desk heights have worked well for me so I can type on the standard layout keyboard vs. an ergo one without wanting to scream when I grab the steering wheel in the car.
I have urges to get a mechanical keyboard proper but I really did love the old comfort curve 2000 that I had before a water spill killed it.

It was the perfect mix of ergo curve and not a ginormous space taking beast.

ETA the media keys when set up for working with media player of choice are actually pretty sweet things to have as well.


ASCII Jazz Disaster. New band name. Called it.


I’m surprised the article didn’t mention all-black (or white) keycaps with no legends - so you can smugly let everyone know that you’re an accomplished touch typist.

Of course, you could have an Arduino monitoring the cable back to the computer, driving a speaker to simulate the venerated buckling spring sound.


I kinda want that… except I would constantly screw up insert and delete, and likely hit home every time. And now that I think about it, I don’t have page up/down memorized, I always look.


Wow - you only have one keyboard, and can’t cope with different ones? I’m switching between machines constantly. My phone, my desktop, my employer’s machine are all different. I have to type my name to be seen at the bank, and at the cell phone store (!) If I was helpless in the face of old-timey keyboards, I’d be sunk.


Finding a keyboard without the numberpad on the right is harder than it should be.

I’m just sayin’ …


No. They are weird and I hate them.


I learned to use a keyboard on an old ('30s-era) mechanical typewriter. I still bash the fuck out of my keyboards.


do check out the aforementioned CODE (as well as the WASD line in general). They have em.