CODE keyboard


Haven’t you guys ever heard of the Das Keyboard? It’s pretty much like you describe here. I would post a picture, but I can’t. Google image search “Das Keyboard Ultimate S”

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It’s indeed awesome, but I really wish they’d put the multimedia keys on the useless (to me) numpad keys. Then in dip switches let me completely change the numpad to multimedia keys, no shift key involved. I’d buy that in a heartbeat if it had that feature.

Why are there so few decent keyboards outside of the Mac universe without numpads? If I want to use a numpad, I’ll get a dedicated numpad. Sheesh.


The Ducky Shine is a decent comparable, too.

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How does it hold up to spilled coffee?


@lambaste @timquinn There’s lots of Cherry MX keyboards, but I don’t think there are a lot with the higher force MX Clears, like CODE. I like my Cherry browns, but I’m still hoping Unicomp will get their act together and produce a modernized (space saving, NKRO) buckling spring keyboard some day.

Well, it’s not for me. Even the mid-size version is too wide for one-handed use. I can’t tell the distance for awkward key presses. I can tell that I can’t fit the keyboard and a mousepad on my desk without jamming one or the other way to the left, which adds to rsi. Using centrally-located keys for control is helpful, but a set of switches only allows so much configurability. I can’t tell how easily it adapts to non-“standard” characters either, I’m sick of having to go into character maps for all the stuff compose keys don’t handle.

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What are keypads for anyway? Except to take up space?

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I just want one with no working caps lock key.

just hack it. caps for me is a shortcut to launch steam :slight_smile:


But why does it have a Scoll Lock key? (serious question, not trying to be a smart-aleck)

Caps Lock? So just disable it in your settings!

I still pine for another IBM Model M.


Only nine-key combos? But I have ten fingers!


They just need a model with programmable macro keys… the sorts of buttons you don’t think you need until you have them.

more importantly, cheese puff fingers?

Reviewed it.


Scroll lock is still commonly used in Excel. But if we’re going to make the numpad an accessory for purchase by spreadsheet users, might as well toss scroll lock in there with it.

CodingHorror - BRAVO!! I love it. love it!!!

I tried hooking up my old model M just last year. It slowed my typing speed down noticeably, and was just too much work, requiring more finger strength than I wanted to use. I’ve still got a working NeXT (keyboard is pre-ADB), and its mechanical keyboard has a wonderful feel to it. Except for the annoying placement of the backslash and | keys, I wouldn’t mind using it with my PC, if it were possible.