Beautiful retro keycap mechanical keyboard

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A wee bit cheaper than a Datamancer…

Hell, it’s less than the keycaps I bought from them.

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I’d love an Aviator but the price tag scares me away.

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This is similar (and similar price) to the Azio Mk Retro keyboard I bought in February. It’s a good mechanical keyboard, very distinct typing noises like typing on a typewriter.


I always assumed the knockoffs would come, but since S’Punk has jump the cog-encrusted shark (IMHO), I never went and looked.

Quite tasteful compared to this specimen:

But gold!

Now all you still need are a couple of dry martinis.

Why can’t someone release a decent bluetooth mechanical keyboard? Why do these all have to be hardwired?

The same keyboard or I think better from MassDrop… cheaper and you can customize your switch options as well!

The drop is inactive but I would subscribe for notification when it drops.

You’re so brave. I’ve never been able to successfully buy a keyboard online, untested. Every time I try, I end up sending it back. So while I’ve replaced my keyboard many times over the years, it’s always been a duplicate of one I’ve already used.

And I rely so much on my keyboard, pretty can never trump utility.

My mock-up from 2002…

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