Room tiled with worn keyboard keys


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Both gross (so much schmutz) and visually interesting.

/e: I didn’t intend that as a reply and apparently that can’t be edited out.

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‘Shrived’? As in Shrove Tuesday?

Why does my keyboard not have an ‘Equity’ button?

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It could be a bit less gross and a lot less visually interesting if they were all Prt Scr/SysRq keys; unless they’d all been used by people with astonishingly unstable Linux systems, and/or obsessive screenshot makers…

(But looking at my ancient keyboard, easily the grubbiest is the @/’ key, followed by _/-. Weird.)

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I prefer “shriven”.


Control Alt and Del might be more poignant.

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Guessing she got most of the keyboards from Manhattan curbs on trash day. Probably came off a trading terminal.

Licking the installation could probably get you a pretty good nicotine buzz, too, before the super-hepatitis set in.

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I don’t know that I’ve ever pressed my F12 key, at least not intentionally.

Ctrl-alt-del for the terminal ward, Enter for the labour room. The keyboard circle of life.

It’s the “Paint” menu on/off switch in IrfanView.

With AutoHotkey you can reassign it per application to a set of keystrokes or other operations - the same goes for CapsLock and Windows keys which become highly useful “Macro” keys.

Today’s keyboards are made with too few keys…

“Worn”? They pretty much all have letters on 'em. Most of the keys on my keyboard have no ink, if you don’t know how to type, TFB.

It would be cool to do something like this but have the keys spell out a narrative that you have to walk around the room repeatedly to read, bending down lower and lower as you make each circuit.

Also, one key is an Easter egg and if you press it balloons and confetti will drop down from the ceiling accompanied by celebratory music.

And, to deter bruteforcing, there may be other keys that just drop the ceiling.

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