This keyboard is Zlanted


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The arrow keys, they are right for console work. Wrong for PC gaming work. At least the WASD setup looks plausible.


I would love those arrow keys over my damn new MacBook’s arrow keys. I simply cannot reliably press up vs down, even six months later.


Well, no number pad, but at least it has those essential keys that look like some kind of… flower?


I think those are mode switch keys so you type stuff not on the keyboard…

(Or they are a prettier command/alt/windows set of modifier keys…but the thread about the keyboard talks about mode change keys…)


This is what journalists use and everyone complains about? I don’t see the big deal.


You have a keyboard with a very small number of keys. Why the hell do you waste one on caps lock?


Looks more Nlanted.


But they’re super intuitive! Typical conversation:

“Press the flower button.” “Huh, two of them are identical. Do you mean left or… wait, no, I should say far left or center left?” “No, no, not the flower that’s on two identical keys, the flower that’s on three identical keys.” “Oh, ok, pink or…” “Purple, yes.” “Which one?” “Just-right-of-center purple flower.”


Is the ‘S’ key on upside down?


Why are there so many keys? To touch type I don’t really need more than 1 key.


In case you need to TYPE LIKE THIS?


Didn’t the keyboards on VT-100 terminals look like this; except for the flower keys?


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