Make your keyboard look like a subway map


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Damn ortholinear keyboards… Get off my lawn!


This should just be a toy.
I would never want to stop rearranging the keys, and then it would break. :slightly_frowning_face:


I wonder why anyone would want to do this?


Humans like to customize their environment. Wait until you learn about these structures called “malls”, they will blow you mind.


That looks incredibly uncomfortable to type on.


To play Mini Metro of course.


And now I have this earworm:


needs more keys


Full Chinese Glyph keyboard?


What is the S-Bahn?


rapid transit/commuter light rail. though of German origin the “S” as symbol is quite common in Europe - the system in Brussels is abbreviated RER (French) and GEN (Dutch) and uses this logo


But can you make your keyboard look like a banana? Or a girl with a ukelele?


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