Happy birthday, John Lennon


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lol, millionaire pop star sure did a lot for world peace.


Well, I miss him. He would have contributed so much to our world, even if it were “only” art. It would have mattered.


Now that Dylan’s doing commercials for Chrysler and IBM, I wonder how Lennon would have spent the past few decades.


Fighting (and maybe winning) against Apple for use of the trademark concerning music?


or spokesman of the amalgamation.


Heh. I suppose it’s good that we’ll never know.



Yeah, watching Johnny Rotten flog butter was a cringeworthy moment alike.


Becoming increasingly dull and crappy like McCartney?


McCartney was only ever about 1/10th as cool as Lennon. Talented, yes. Cool, no.


There was that moment a couple years back when Macca briefly seemed to turn into Lennon for five minutes…

But other than that, yeah. He’s been increasingly unlistenable for almost all my life. And god only knows which musical roads Lennon might have wandered down. Many of them might have been quite interesting.

Sometimes I like to think he might have done a couple of metal albums, like his contemporary Ronnie James Dio. :wink:



I’m tellin’ you all right now. First muthaf**a posts “Wonderful Christmastime” in this thread gets a fistful of flags shoved up their pooper by that rainbow-crappin’ unicorn. Even he can’t stand that godforsaken ditty.


To be fair, it isn’t like Happy Xmas (War is Over) is any good either.


I find “Happy Xmas War is Over” more offensive, mostly for the tone deaf female voice all over in it.


Stop talking about Paul McCartney on John Lennon’s birthday. That’s like going on a date with Jennifer Lawrence and all you can talk about is Jennifer Lopez.


Trolling the internet?


If we’re talking about them back in the 60s, then I think there’d be a strong debate. Post 60s, well yes, Paul did kind of turn into Mr. Daggy Dad pretty fast (mind you, so did John, apart from his 18 month mid-life crisis).


Seems to be about 25, 30 years since I saw Roger Daltrey in a TV ad for AmEx. I remember my sister saying, “Jesus, that’s a long way from ‘Hope I die before I get old.’”