Happy Sysadmin Day, Ken!


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Hmmm, “Error establishing a database connection” at the site. So who fixes the Sysadmin Day web site on Sysadmin Day?

Oh Happy Day!

Awh, Thanks, Cory!

Even though I’m not with the WMF anymore (sniffle), I can honestly say that winding through the Jefferies tubes for Boing Boing has been the experience I’m most going to remember. So many hilarious DMCA takedown notices! :wink:

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Any chance of an article on the best/funniest DMCAs that BB has received?

I don’t think I want to tempt fate that way given the weird legal murk surrounding those notices (let sleeping dogs lie and all that), but, Cory did post about one particular notice we received back in the past, at minimum.

What’s actually funnier than the speciousness of the notices themselves, however, is the response our Colo provider, Priority Colo, tends to give to them. that is what deserves a post, and I’ll see about getting those together sometime. :smile:

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