Hardware and craft cabinet - great for makers

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These have been around for quite some time, no?

My personal thoughts center on the “maker” aspect of this ad- wouldn’t any self-respecting maker just make their own storage bins? It seems akin to how a woodworking apprentice’s first major project is to build their own bench.

That said, I have little in the way of self-respect, so all my shit is in haphazard piles awkwardly spaced around my shop. I swear I know roughly where everything is…

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@frauenfelder, Those cabinets are ok for a static situation, beware that they do tip easily when filled. I’ve always preferred something like (https://www.google.com/search?q=Plano-Molding-1363), because I can take it with me when needed.

@wait_really, hmm, maybe, but how far back do you need to go? If you need a saw, do you make your own? Do you create your own foundry for the metal?


Eh, depends on your focus and goals. If, as an example, your focus is on making electronic projects and you do so only in limited space time it seems perfectly reasonable to use an existing solution. To take on a time consuming woodworking project making drawers detracts time from the projects you really want to do. Few of us have the luxury of enough free time to DIY everything.

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