Harry and Meghan’s "lies" revealed in this week’s dubious tabloids

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Another example of this not-funny series that no one asked for veering into the offensive category.


Yes, it’s totally a lie that a family that presided over massive colonization and its attendant degradation and exploitation of millions of brown and black people has a racist bone anywhere in its collective closet. :roll_eyes:


revealed in this week’s dubious tabloids



While I have no doubt the claims about DNA tests on Harry are made up, I do have many, many doubts about who his father really is.

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Meaghan’s mom is trained in mental health; that is her speciality. It seems strange that Meaghan didn’t ask her for help as her mom visited often and she was there during the pregnancy. Harry was also familiar with mental health issues; so why didn’t he approach the same people who helped him? Their wedding was a showcase of diversity with a Black preacher and black choirs.The Royal family gave Meaghan a wide range in individualizing the ceremony. A black choir that sang at the service is now expressing puzzlement at Meaghan’s interview. They are disturbed by it because they state it was Prince Charles that invited them and was so good to them, even keeping in touch with them in the years that followed. Prince Charles walked Meaghan down the aisle when Meaghan was having one of her many disputes with her father. There couldn’t be a more symbolic sign of acceptance from the Royal family than that. The future King of England willing to walk you down the aisle is surely showing acceptance, isn’t it ? My question would be: What is Meaghan up to? Why is she so intent on sowing discord? The accusations, the casting of aspersions, the smears to leave doubt, no evidence supplied, no substantiated facts…these are the same sleazy weapons that the tabloids use to intentionally slander. These are the very same weapons of the tabloids that Meaghan and Harry keep telling us they hate. Yet these are seemingly the same weapons that Meaghan and Harry have chosen. This is not journalism. This is the Trump world of lies, hypocrisy, conjectures, false accusations and constant attempts to make yourself the victim of the sly rewriting of history. It’s narcissistic story telling, false narrative and utter BS.

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