Harvard Humanists troll the elites who fund the Harvard endowment by awarding Anand Giridharadas a prize


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Hmph. Nobody gets excited if I give him a prize.

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Nice clip art.

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He liked this post on twitter :blush:


Confiscate the endowments of all the universities and use them to lower tuition.


A private university is an abomination; a private university with THAT MUCH MONEY is even moreso. Harvard can meet its moral responsibilities not by sharing some of its endowment with one person, but by dissolving the endowment to pay for free tuition.

Endowments are places for people who think they’re smarter than the government to hide their money from taxes. Fuck that loophole-for-rich-people bullshit.


There’s enough money in the endowment to fund the university’s operations for about ten years. Then what do they do?


Clearly the right place to post this:


Charge state-mandated tuition set at the same level as a State School. I don’t appreciate your assumption that giving a fuck about what happens to a bastion of privilege is somehow my job.

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