Hate Revisited: the return of a '90s cult classic comic book

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2024/02/27/hate-revisited-the-return-of-a-90s-cult-classic-comic-book.html

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I actually found one of the early Hate collections going cheap in my LCS a few weeks ago. Fantastic stuff, a bit dated in places but really prescient in others. the story about Buddy’s kid brother who’s a hyperaggressive conspiratorial conservative probably hits harder today than it did in the 90s.


Geeze Louise, that’s like all the major underground indie comics.

add Dirty Plotte and Hothead Paisan and you’d have the comic shelf of nearly all my friends in the 90s


This is wonderful news! We get Jon Stewart back at TDS and now this. And I appreciate the shout-out to Flaming Carrot here.

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