Hating your body is a learned behavior

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I’d get rid of the genetic propensity to heart disease, but yeah, maybe a mermaid tail. That sounds good too.


This video doesn’t really demonstrate that at all. Even ignoring for a moment that this seems to be just a bunch of random people being interviewed, and not a properly designed study, it could simply be a matter of innate post adolescent tendencies not yet realised. Not that I’m suggesting the opposite is true either, just that this isn’t really evidence of anything. Like with most things in life, it’s probably a (un)healthy dose of both.


I would like retractable fangs and claws. I think those might come in handy. Better vision, as in not needing glasses, would be nice if I can’t have what I really want.


I’d have mine be a giant robot whose limbs could separate off into smaller robots to multitask and join back together when I needed to reach a high shelf or something.


I fancy, no we all need, an eye redesign. Blind spots are such a stupid, stupid kludge. I mean, come on, seriously? Leave a huge gaping hole in the visual field and then just pretend it’s not even there?! The octopus got it right, why couldn’t we? And I’m about halfway through productive working life, so why on earth should the stupid eyes start crapping out already? Presbyopia sucks. Hate specs … Built-in early obsolescence, how dumb us that?

That was cathartic. :wink:


I wish I was a little bit taller, I wish I was-

Wait … no …

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It should be pointed out that this was sponsored by a skin care company (which I suspected based on its presentation style), so it’s really more of an ad than anything else.

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