Haunted Mansion tiki mugs!

They were restocked and again being sold that afternoon. I spent half an hour in line to get into Trader Sam’s Tiki Bar and had plenty of time to watch the parallel line of mug seekers. It was as badly managed as possible; Disney brought out battery-operated point-of-sale gear that didn’t work, and each sales transaction took several minutes as the poor waiters-turned-cashiers flailed. The line of mug seekers was resigned and mellow as they each waited over an hour in the hot sun.

I was not impressed with the new mug design and passed on my chance to acquire one. I did, however, pick up one of each of the standard mugs available inside the bar.

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Thanks for the update. Not sure why Inside the Magic readers were reporting CMs telling them they would never be restocked or replenished. Sounds like general chaos, honestly.

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