Crazy-cool vintage Aloha shirt: Tikis wearing Shriner fezzes


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Mecca Party!

Interesting Hawaiian Mason history:

“PRINCE LODGE KAMEHAMEHA V, fifth ruler of the Hawaiian kingdom, was the first native
Hawaiian to become a Freemason. On February 27, 1853, he was raised to the Sublime Degree
of Master Mason in Hawaiian Lodge No. 21.”


After a cursory search, it looks like there may have been a National convention in Hawaii in 1953, 1960 and 1967, at the very least.

I can’t narrow down the year of this shirt for sure [though someone noted it was 1954]:

But it looks virtually identical to this Los Angeles variant: (sold for 30,240 Yen, or about $270 US)

And here I believe is the shirt from 1953: (for sale for 91,800 Yen! or about $822 US)

Just look at all those Shriners, enjoying their Hawaiian shirts!


I want these shirts so much, but not $400 much.


Impressive! It’s not often that you see one garment that manages to adorn white men with distorted images of both Polynesian and Islamic culture!


Oh! A SUBLIME degree.

That’s different.


What if it included sandals and plaid Bermuda shorts?


Goodwill may have these for much less $.


You’d need a classic set of wheels to go with the shirt.


Fez-O-Rama … for those who need the appropriate additional head garment


I cannot recommend their products highly enough! I bought a fez with custom vents and skull tassel-fob at GenCon and it’s my favorite headgear. No Freemason membership required.


Funny. Same here. Got the first tall version of the this Fez.

Missed the special purple David-Bowie-version though. :sob:


Nice! They only had the short version of the eyeball fez at GenCon, but that’s OK, I like their half-height fezzes. Now that I know about these guys, I just wish I hadn’t missed the discontinued Haku Fez.


They’re in my fez & stuff bookmark subsubsection.


Wisdom of crowd, can you find this one? I knew a Greenpeacer 25 years ago who had an aloha shirt with a pattern of mushroom clouds over the Marshall Islands.


Shriners are still active here. They also have a nice beachfront club house, though not as nice as the local Elks Lodge.

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