Congressman requests approval to wear Aloha shirt on Fridays


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Hear, Hear!


And if Aloha shirts are accepted business attire at Boeing on Fridays why not the senate floor?


As I seem to recall, it is perfectly acceptable to wear an Aloha shirt – a nice one, mind you, not Elvis and Hot Rods – even to state court proceedings in Hawaii. I was sad that the one Hawaii case I worked on never required my making an appearance.

(Also, for the record, every day is Aloha wear day for me at my company)


I have mine on right now.


Seems to me that if the people elect a colorful shirt wearing representative, they should be represented by a colorful shirt wearing person.


Keeping in mind that

  1. Congress critters like to go home for the weekends, which means not a lot to be done on Fridays
  2. Congress is only going to be in session for 80 days this year (Gotta give people time to campaign/stump/support candidates)
  3. Any change that is made this year may be reversed come January when a new congress is sworn at in

There’s no real reason for Ryan to Object as long as other states get to have their funtime clothes as well (Crocs for Floridia, Jeans and a cowboy hat for Texas, etc.)


He thinks Ryan listens to Democrats? That’s adorable - like Mr Smith Goes to Washington!


Just Fridays? I’d go with Aloha Tuesdays too. And Thursdays. And all the other days.
I’d propose the House should really have a mandated dress code of clown suits on any day they attempt to repeal Obamacare, hold the Debt Ceiling hostage, or have Paul Ryan as their speaker.


Maika‘I loa kēlā, ‘ā ‘oia! (That’s great, for sure!)


I think it says something that he would even have to make a formal request. Business attire anywhere in Polynesia is different than business attire on the mainland of North America. Either we respect the traditions of all of our states, or we don’t. Heck, Louisiana even has an entirely different legal system. That’s part of our strength, to support our diversity.


I thought the House got out of Dodge on Thursday?




High-end Aloha shirts cost as much as a suit. More, if they’re vintage.


I highly recommend this place:

And, yeah, a good aloha shirt will set you back $80-$100, but a well-made one will last for years and when a novelty cafe press shirt sets you back $25+, it’s a pretty good deal.


You can buy a suit for $98?


Yeah both of my Marimekko shirts are probably going to last way longer than any of my other shirts but then they were in the same price range, on sale. I should wear them more often.
All my aloha and alohaish shirts are from thrift shops. That way I don’t freak out when I eventually spill the office coffee on them.


So what is the penalty for not following the dress code?


In Hawaii, Aloha shirts, but not shorts, are acceptable attire for most occasions any day of the week, but “everybody” wears Aloha shirts on Fridays, even the television news anchors.

I used to think Aloha Friday was the official state holiday. Everywhere people like Fridays but in Hawaii they really get celebrated.


Kapaia Stitchery has a web site?! :mind blown:

But really, how great is it to pick out your own fabric and have one of the aunties custom-make your shirt for you.

I have an old one from there that has the pattern matching across the opening, not just the pocket.