Aloha shirt featuring critters from Ernst Haeckel's Kunstformen der Natur


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Yea, that’s awesome and all, but I want one made out of the Voynich Manuscript.


Looks like there are many options with his illustrations on Spoonflower:

I’ve never ordered from them, but they offer their prints on a number of different types of goods, so you should be able to make a very similar shirt at home (or anything else you fancy). You can often find the same print used by a designer online.

I’ve gotten curious, maybe a Hawaiian mutant can chime in - can an Aloha shirt have a collar band like the shirt shown, or should Aloha shirts always have one piece, camp collars and a front facing? I always see them with the camp collar (and make them that way) but now I’m curious about Hawaiian dress style. Maybe I need a Kickstarter for a trip to Hawaii to make a detailed study.


It looks like they are actually calling the shirt a cabana shirt – which usually have a more structured collar and are often a slim-fitting shirt:

Most hawaiian-style shirts that I have seen are as you described

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