These new Chucks are made with vintage Aloha shirts

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i waaaant these. but dammit, i’m still used to back when new Chucks were $30 a pair, lol.


Argh… same same… I hear you… and that t-shirt for… for… $48???.. pained ain’t the word, man, I remember when t-shirts were $10 and I had full-time employment at a single job!

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I bet these shoes are going to be real popular with the Bugaloo chumps.
It’s just the right accessory to complete the outfit!


you’ve seen those guys… do you think they would even think to match shirts and shoes? they are all about military boots anyway.

besides, i refuse to let them steal the hawaiian shirt!


omg, so true. t-shirts should not be priced like that, i don’t care how haute couture you are. it’s a T-SHIRT!


And they’re only available to size 10.5 men’s? Gimme a break.

oh, i didn’t even check the sizes. WHEW, i’m off the hook anyway – they don’t even have them in my size.

  1. That’s my size.
  2. ʻaʻole, mahalo
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I almost forgot about the Harlem Toile Chuck$ that came out last year. Six months later, and the prices have started to come down to Earth…

so there’s hope, that’s what i’m seeing, lol

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