Have cold brew or hot coffee in minutes with this compact brewer

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The coffee from a french press, using finely ground coffee (not the “french press” grind many stores push) is excellent - and there is no filter to throw away, since it uses a fine mesh screen that you replace every 10 years or so.


That’s funny*, I’ve never had much luck with getting (what I consider to be) good coffee from a french press, unless using the usually recommended coarse grind.

EDIT: * Not “ha ha” funny.

You cannot make cold brew quickly. It requires several hours at minimum. It should really be called “slow brew”.

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A coarse grind is always recommended for a French press, otherwise the result will be unpleasantly strong coffee and finer grind getting through the mesh and into you. 4 minutes of brewing does it for me.

Yep. I do 24 hours with the brew in the fridge.

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