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Turn on caps lock and fly, my pretties, fly!


I wonder what they need to buy? I assume it is related to the “turn on your device before getting on a plane” nonsense that is popping up in parallel.

There seems to be a mismatch here between the article linked in the previous BoingBoing story, and the rule document linked in this story. The article says that the fees will be increasing from $2.50 per leg with a $5 cap for a one-way trip to $5.60 per leg of a trip. But from what I’m reading the rule document states that the old rules were $2.50 per enplanement and changing to a $5.60 per one-way trip.

So right now if I fly from Pittsburgh, to Buffalo, to Rochester, to Midway, to Topeka, to O’Hare* I’m paying a $5.00 fee, as long as each stop is less than four hours. If my stop at Rochester is more than four hours, that divides the overall trip into two one-way segments and so my overall fee would be $10.00. Under the proposed rules, my fees would be $5.60 or $11.20 respectively.

Reading the rules document, it seems the TSA has always interpreted a one-way trip as a series of flights with stops less than four hours in-between. So am I reading this wrong, or are lots of other people?

* I was actually offered that flight once as a cheaper alternative to flying direct from Pittsburgh to O'Hare.
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The TSA, not one terrorist stopped, let’s give them more money to they can keep up their record and frustrate travelers even more.


Heh heh, suckers! That’s the “please give me an extra invasive grope search for the good of the nation” sign-up list. So use a hated neighbour’s name or some House rep’s staffer’s name when lodging your comment.


“Turn on your device” “Turn off your device” I wish they could make up their minds!

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Yell, scream and shake your fists. Get as many friends to write in. Go nuts and tell them exactly how you feel. Just keep in mind that in the end we will all lose by just one vote.

so signing up to complain, hmmm, will it actually do anything? seriously? ANYTHING? has any person (not corporation, we know the government listens to them) has any person asked the government to stop grabbing more of our money and had it be effective?

this looks like a good link to sign up for more free groping.

And, to add insult to injury, the vote will be Scalia.

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I disagree. I think the tax is a fine idea. It’s just one step closer to the revolution.

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I’m guessing there will be some “unsecured” WAP in the immediate vicinity that will attempt immediate capture of any and every Wi-Fi enabled device that goes live in its range.

When the “helpful” TSA agent instructs the hapless traveler to attempt to access “the internet” that traveler will actually be exposing his/her device to a carefully crafted rogue proxy that will instantly attempt every zero-day exploit known to the NSA.

EDIT: Sorry, this bit of snark makes a lot more sense if you’re already read

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You can tell them, but they’re not going to care.

Oh man you make them sound like the Excession. This is the government we’re talking about.

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