Having devalued Twitter's blue checkmark, Elon sells Gold Badges

In the linked article, Anonymous Coward asks:

i’m sorry, what exactly does that $1k a month get other than a 10×10 png?

And I think that question is spot on.


Vaporwave has entered the chat


That’s a nice brand you got there.

::Takes big bite out of apple.:’

It’d be a shame if something were to happen to it. You know, this is a dangerous neighborhood. Things happen. That’s why me and the boys offer a protection service. It’ll set you back a grand a month, but that’s nothing when you think of the peace of mind you get knowing that we’re looking out for you. Capiche?

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We’re even further from the 1860s, but that time could never be cool.

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If it was a video game it would be:

But without any of the self awareness of its absurdity.


…also The Stray Cats, Shakin Stevens, Grease (The Movie), Dean and Monroe posters. The 50s revival was big in the very late 70s/early 80s.
Now, by my count, we are currently in the second wave 80’s revival.


I only “use” twitter to read posts about the invasion of Ukraine, never tweet myself or interact with anyone there. But lately, I have been leaving comments on advertisers’ posts along the lines of: “wow, so very disappointed in you for advertising on this awful site. definitely makes me think less of your company and brand and will not be buying from you in the future if possible.”


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