Hawai'i emergency notification system password revealed in photo about problems with Hawai'ian emergency notification system


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but the password meter said it was a strong password!!111


Proof we’re living in an idiocracy!



Wow, now everybody knows. Sounds serious.


Rule of thumb: The more expensive and custom the software the worst the interface and general robustness.

All custom systems are a fucking mess coded by 2 people that have no clue.



No worries, the password has since been updated to Warningpoint3



Apart from the photo … and the shitty password selection … that’s actually pretty good practice. Schneier, for example, recommends that you generate complex passwords then write them^ down, because you won’t be able to remember them. The reasoning is that your online environment is a lot less secure than your physical environment. Therefore, exploit the features of each by having robust passwords online, and use your physical security to keep those passwords ready to hand and therefore usable.

^ specifically, write them down. Don’t save them on a .txt file on your desktop.


Just another day with a primitive primate species (humans) in charge of a regional warning system. Now do you think that we primates (humans) can handle nuclear systems? I think not. Even our best primates (humans) can’t handle any of this.



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