HBO's Westworld looks handsome


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Pretty excited about this, considering I have a framed Westworld movie poster in my room!

(The other one is a Death Race 2000 movie poster)


I’m in.

Proviso: I’m not sure that “PKD” and “healthy dose” are mutually compatible. PKD, like JJ-180, is habit-forming, and may cause side effects including time travel and reality substitution.


There’s been a TV series before, has anyone seen it?

(and have you seen Futureworld?)


I had not heard of that. So Quark made it to 8 episodes, but this got canned at 3?


I’d never heard of it. I only just noticed it when I pulled up the Futureworld wiki page.


Heck, they made 9 episodes of Supertrain…


I don’t recall watching Beyond Westworld, but I do remember commercials of the era with amusement.


So, what happened to “Bolt” paper towels? (All I can find online are vintage coupons in newspaper-scans!)



Hey Rob, one too many "h"s in Crichton.


Chhhhrist, whhhhhat an ashhhhhole.


My first introduction to Westworld was my mom buying a VHS tape of it after seeing Yul Breneer in a cowboy hat, and thinking it was a western. That initial disappointment has always colored that movie for me.


I liked the Aquabats Super Show! take on it.


Gosh golly, I did love Westworld. Perfect balanced doses of sci-fi, horror, and western.

My fondness for the original aside, I do like that this version is a serial and not a stand-alone feature. I think Hollywood should in general do more “revisiting worlds” than “rebooting” or “remaking” stories.


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