Healthier kids make for taller adults


I was browsing a dating website the other day and it seemed like nearly every woman wanted a tall(ish) guy. Coincidence? Do women prefer taller men because it makes them subconsciously think the guy’s healthier, or that he will produce healthier offspring?

In my experience: no. Same with being ‘funny’ or ‘spontaneous’

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I’ve heard anecdotally that women really do not like dating guys shorter than they are.

Sex. Mating opportunities are, at least in evolutionary terms, the ultimate prize of status. And here is the final humiliation for short men. When 100 women were asked to evaluate photographs of men whom they believed to be either tall, average or short, all of them found the tall and medium specimens “significantly more attractive” than the short ones. In another study, only two of 79 women said they would go on a date with a man shorter than themselves (the rest, on average, wanted to date a man at least 1.7 inches taller). “The universally acknowledged cardinal rule of dating and mate selection is that the male will be significantly taller than his female partner,” write Mr Martel and Mr Biller. “This rule is almost inviolable.” For short men, the sexual pickings are therefore likely to be slim

I’ve actually met some women who seem hung up on height (“It’s hard to find a guy who is taller than me, etc.”) I don’t get it. I’m tall and have had the other issue, with people being insecure about the fact that I’m taller than them (“Don’t wear heels, please!”)

I don’t think I’ve ever dated anyone who was taller than me by more than an inch or so. I don’t get it. But to each her own I guess…

I don’t know if it is literally looking for signs of healthier genes, or just a socially ingrained thing… or both. Whatever it is I’m apparently immune… but then again I’m also probably some kind of statistic outlier anyway because I’ve been sick all my life and I’m tall. LOL!

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