Hear Michael Jackson's demo for "Thriller," called "Starlight"

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I could hear Jamiroquai doing a cover of this…

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I’m glad this exists, but also glad it’s not playing in the background of my life.

I’m surprised how little he had to change the music and even the lyrics to turn it from this bland, unremarkable song into something awesome and menacing. Adding rapping Vincent Price didn’t hurt, of course.


I love his music, and hearing this demo is definitely fascinating. I’m glad it got reworked to being Thriller because that version seems punchier and more memorable than the demo, even though the song is mostly the same.

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two thoughts -

  1. This just shows MJ could sing just about anything and still sound good.

  2. Does anyone picture this song existing in the alternate universe from the TV series Fringe, along with the Back to the Future starring Eric Stoltz?

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