Listen to Michael Jackson's "Thriller" with its very different original lyrics

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Perfect for when you want every brain cell to scream, “THIS ISN’T RIGHT!!!”


I was never the target audience for the album but my 2¢ is that the original lyrics are better.

Some show runner out there needs to gather up all these alternative takes and lyrics and license them. So much parallel timeline media could benefit from the cognitive dissonance these tracks generate.


I’m always amazed at the back story of iconic songs.

You would imagine something as culturally signifiant as Thriller was labored over for months, writing and rewriting with ongoing tweaking and editing. And it this case it was, with all kinds off tinkering with the title and lyrics. But then again, what is arguably the most the most memorable part of the song was put together in a taxi on the way to the recording studio at the last minute…


Unsurprisingly, I’m noticing significant overlap in the Starlight and Thriller lyrics.

Actually the part I find most fun listening to Starlight is the synth they ditched for Thriller.

If the headline was “Listen to Michael Jackson’s Thriller with new AI-generated lyrics,” I think I might believe it! (and be very impressed). This kind of thing is probably only a couple years away now.

Many of them seem the same. But you are, of course, wrong. :wink:

If Fringe ever comes back and gets a bigger budget, I want not only the demo versions of famous songs but also actual footage from Back to the Future pre-Michael J. Fox. (The show made mention of the movie, but I need them to go all in.)


It’s kind of like the story behind the 808 and how it shaped hip-hop. There was no laborious process of artists trying all the different drum machines to find The One - they just used what was cheap and readily available and it ended up becoming an iconic part of the sound.


Holy Mandela Effect, Batman; that was unsettling…


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