Heard: an app that records what you heard 5 minutes ago


As much as something like this could be very useful, I think using it would almost certainly be considered illegal wiretapping in California or any other state with two-party consent—unless you’re going around awkwardly with a warning sign on your forehead or something similar.

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I know someone has called the Internet the greatest spy tool of all time. This seems to have the potential to be another spytool. How do you really know that the buffer is erased, that this data is not being sent somewhere? I may be mistaken, but if not, I’m surprised y’all would promote something like this by presenting it without any warnings.

This is an issue with literally any app which has permissions for both the microphone and the internet, of which there are a kajillion.

Just because this one is arguably somewhat nefarious in its intended use, doesn’t make it any more likely to be malicious to the user…

Probably very useful for musicians improvising… Play around, and when you find something you like, go back and preserve it.

Father Ted figured this one out years ago.

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The New Zealand govt might find this useful:

I’d long held them up as paragons of “we don’t really care what you’re doing” ideology. But they’re getting spooky.

Awesome! Even with kids would think we want to sometimes forget what was said.

Two technical problems though:

  • This app is running in the background recording audio. Isn’t this going to consume a lot of battery? I barely get 5 hours of active use as it is.
  • A microphone is useless if it is not pointed at the sound source (noise reduction etc). You would have to have the phone plugged to a microphone perpetually pinned to your shirt. Sounds inconvenient.

Now for Google Glass applications, I can see plenty of uses, and hopefully not just for audio. In a few years the battery problem should be resolved, and Google Glass is pointed at the source all the time by design.

There is an android app called “smart voice” i have installed, but not used yet which is somewhat similar. It can be set to record and only keep audio where people are speaking so you can leave it running and get the interesting bits without storing up hours of background noise.

Not sure how well it works though.

Heh, the “battery problem” is always going to be resolved in a few years. :slight_smile:

What’s the Windows version?

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